Along the A8 road, just 5 km from the centre of Kilifi, forms a small independent  community: an enclosed microcosm that contains the qualities of a real city.

Playgrounds, green spaces, gardens, squares and streets in a device that has 69 terraced houses positioned on a rigurous grid.

The openings between the houses become private green patios while the space between the small districts encourages social encounters.

The protagonists inside Jamiitown are two centenarian baobabs that characterize the two inner parks of the city.
The accesses to the walled city, reminiscent of medieval cities, are controlled. Jamiitown guarantees maximum security for residents.
In addition to housing, a small shop provides basic necessities for residents.
A 10-minute walk away are 3 primary schools Mtondia, Mikingirini and Basi. The dispensary of Mtondia is only one kilometer away.


Kilifi is a town on the coast of Kenya, north of Mombasa. It’s near Kilifi Creek, along an estuary of the Goshi River. The town is known for Indian Ocean beaches, including Bofa Beach, dotted with resorts. Nearby, green turtles swim among coral reefs in Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve. The Mnarani Ruins, archaeological remains of a centuries-old Swahili settlement, include 2 mosques and several tombs.

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KM to Malindi City Center
KM to Mombasa City Center
KM to Moi International Airport
KM to Mombasa SGR


The houses are distributed in a compact system – low rise high density – divided in 69 individual properties of 125 square meters each (1345 square feet). Each house has direct access to the street and benefits from two different external spaces : on entrance patio and an intimate garden. The solid houses, built of reinforced concrete, enjoy different views through their patios. While opening towards the circadian town, they still maintain their complete privacy within the neighbourhood.


The construction work of Jamiitown began in september 2019. Follow us on instagram bellow to keep up with our progress.

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